Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hey Blogging world it has been a while since we last met.
Im here to just give an update on whats been going on,
Since we last spoke two artists that I work with have been climbing the charts at a very rapid pace. J'Austin and Brittano have been releasing song once or even sometimes twice a month. J'Austin has performed at Dolce in elizabeth NJ and Brittano has released a few music videos one which I am Featured in "Take A Look," but he has been doing awesome. His music is so multi dimensional almost like he can relate to all listeners from all walks of life. J'Austin has been killing them on the club scene with his singles "D.F.L.," "Hear Me Tonight," "Just Let Go," and my personal fave "Seductive".

Brittano has also been posting his track on his facebook fan page

So go check it out you are guaranteed to love whats on that page or your money back. lol

As for me, My house is in the process of being painted, a process that started last wednesday and was supposed to end yesterday but is still ongoing and beginning to annoy me because i havent had much time to spend in school and I have thing that I must tend to on my campus. They said they plan to be done by this thursday. I pray that they are.

The radio was going great my last show was on April 12, that was also my sis and father's bday RIP dad. I miss my show and my fans. I will be back 2moro from 9am - 10am or on media for the nu millennium. If anyone reads this blog, you should def tune in.

My sister had a party bus from 12 am saturday til 5am saturday, she can't remember half of it because she was drunk. I warned her if I make a drink for her there is no waking up. lol
It was fun though, I enjoyed spending time with her I missed her. 
Due to all this not stop fun and lack of sleep I developed a flu and a fever that had me bed ridden for a few days but as of today I am back in action as you can see from me typing in this blog.

I am also working with the Newark Review in one of my classes so look out for a few of my poems in there.

Last but not least I am building my own Media and Public Relations Company called
"Constant Flowe". Check it out and show your love.
And I'm out

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Go ahead and ask me, I have nada to hide

Technological Dependency

It amazes me how dependent we as people have become on technology. It is almost like we were never with out it. People have lost the abilty to be intelligent on their own, we rely on artificial intelligence to make our next move for us. The thing we have created is now in control of us. Think about that.

Cherry chapstick kisses

There was that point in time
We were sitting in your car and your eyes locked on mine
I licked my lips
You did yours the same
But the dryness stayed
You picked up a cylinder shaped item
Label color Red
I asked for vaseline
You said use this Instead
We then allowed our lips to softly touch
I said this kiss I will never forget
The taste of you was so sweet
You said I just got a cherry chapstick kiss

Monday, February 21, 2011

Selling the Brand

I have been hearing this quote lately "I'm trying to sell my brand".
Is this a quote of selfishness or a quote of a person just saying what they need to do?
I also have been told a lot this week from multiple sources that the point of life is to sell yourself to maximize your potential as an individual.
Time to maximize
So my dreams can be realized